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Complex Breast Augmentation: Patient 25

Complex Breast Augmentation: Patient 25

Complex Breast Augmentation: Patient 25

This patient presented to me many months before her surgery. Years ago, she underwent a breast augmentation by another surgeon, with a large cresent lift. The implant was placed through this superior incision. She wanted to decrease the size of her areolas wich had spread quite large following the surgery. There was a real deficit of skin coverage and I felt that the only way to do this was by replacing the existing implants with something smaller. She would not do that. She had little soft tissue coverage over her implants, and I suggested we do nothing. The right implant sprung a leak. She wanted to be bigger, and she lost weight. We replaced her implants with Allergan style 410 MF implants so reduce the risk of contour irregularities. Her original implants were 240 cc saline implants. Her new implants were chosen based on dimentional characteristics as well as her desire to be bigger. We used MF410 420 cc. She was very happy. Complex Breast Augmentation performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Peter D. Geldner, MD, with offices in Chicago and Oak Brook. 

  • Age: Over 45 years old
  • Weight: Between 100 and 115 pounds
  • Height: 5'0" to 5'3"
  • Gender: Female
  • Post-op Timeline: 6 months
  • Technique: Superior Periareolar
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