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Many years ago, physicians noticed that following injury, patients would notice body contour changes. This can occur after contusions, where once the bruising and swelling resolve, the area looks flatter. The cause was damage to the fat. Fat is more susceptible to injury than skin or muscle. It has a poor blood supply and doesn’t heal as well as other tissues. Doctors also noticed that children could develop new dimples if they eat too many popsicles. Some very bright scientists realized that fat solidifies, or freezes, at temperatures above the freezing point of water. So, well before frostbite develops, the fat turns into a solid. In the case of fat within the fat cell, the cell walls can break and the cell dies.

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Dr. Geldner has been a top 500 provider of Allergan Aesthetic products and treatments in the US since 2016; Chicagoan trust The Geldner Center for CoolSculpting results. Take a look at our CoolSculpting results for yourself in our Before and After Gallery. You can even use our MyFavorites tool to create a collection of the results you’d like to achieve and the cases you wish to discuss during your complimentary consultation.

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This patient wanted Coolscuplting® to improve the appearance of her body.

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Chicago Coolsculpting 2320 - Before and After

Photos courtesy of Coolsculpting. Procedure by Leyda E. Bowes, MD. Coolsculpting treatments available at the Geldner Center under the medical...

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The goal of CoolSculpting is to bring a known area of fat to that temperature where the fat is damaged and hold it there long enough to create a predictable volume and contour loss. The area to be treated is drawn into a chamber under mild suction. A heat exchanger is then activated to lower the temperature in that tissue to that perfect temperature where we damage only the fat, leaving the overlying skin alone. After a predetermined period of time, the device is removed. The area is then gently massaged. Depending on the treatment plan, the device can be reapplied for greater effect. Your body clears out the broken cells and healing occurs. Gradually, the final contour emerges. It takes between 8 and 12 weeks before the results are complete.

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