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Chicago butt augmentation model

Butt Augmentation
With Fat Transfer


Beauty is based on proportion. Whatever cultural, ethnic, or societal influences are at play, the whole body has to look good. The backside has to look as good as the front side. How do we take a shapeless butt and transform it into a work of art? We begin the transformation by starting with what we have.

Shape is comprised of hills and valleys. The mounds of the buttocks have to be highlighted by the shapes of the flanks and back. Too much fullness above the butt makes the patient look chunky. The waist has to cinch above the fullness of the butt. There has to be space between the butt cheeks, or it looks like a uni-butt (a big blob). There should be space between the thighs and a defined separation between thigh and butt with a smooth transition. We frame the buttock and accentuate it, separating it from surrounding parts.


“Dr. Geldner, I just want you to know how much your love, passion and expertise in this field are appreciated. You are an amazingly qualified surgeon who knows how to work magic.”
~ Patient Review

The principal tool for shaping is liposuction. When liposuction fat is removed, we can use this valuable living material to create the buttock contours. Fat is inserted through the same incision sites we used but it is introduced into a new home. The transferred fat establishes a new blood supply and it continues to live. We sculpt this area by addition of fat just as we subtract it with liposuction. The final result takes week to show, but the result is very long lasting, if not permanent.

Silicone buttock implants are another option for buttock enhancement. Several manufacturers make buttock implants. An incision is made on each inner side of the buttock, a pocket is created and the implant is placed in position. The process is much quicker than fat transfer, and it is ultimately more predictable. However, the risks of buttock implants are varied and significant. With the advancement of fat transfer techniques, buttock implants are being performed much less frequently.

Every patient has his or her own goals and expectations. Whether the procedure is liposuction alone to better display the buttock, fat transfer to enhance the size, or buttock implants, a detailed consultation is necessary before any butt augmentation. Only then can you appreciate the risks and potential complications. With Dr. Geldner’s superior surgical skill, his 25 years of experience, his experienced and compassionate staff, we exceed our patients’ expectations.