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Chicago VI chemical peel patient 2313 before and after photos - Before and After
Chicago VI Peel chemical peel patient 2314 before and after photos - BeforeChicago VI Peel chemical peel patient 2314 before and after photos - After
Chemical VI Peel before and after photos Lake Shore Dr, Chicago 2315 - BeforeChemical VI Peel before and after photos Lake Shore Dr, Chicago 2315 - After

Facials and chemical peels come in all shapes and sizes ranging from a relaxing treatment where you leave feeling dewy and fresh, to having a few days of skin shedding following the treatment date.

Chemical peels are used to deeply exfoliate the skin removing some superficial pigmentation like freckles and brown spots and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. These treatments also restore a luminous look to a tired complexion. Chemical peels are used to slow down the aging process and keep your skin looking youthful. Some chemical peels can be used to clear up acne and reduce pore size as well as lighten some of the brown-colored scarring that can be leftover from pimples.  Other chemical peels are made specifically for pigmentation and work to remove and lighten stubborn brown marks in the skin. Each patient’s skin is analyzed by our professional staff along with each individual’s concern to determine which of the many chemical peels we offer will be best.

chicago-chemical-peel-modelPeels Offered at The Geldner Center:

VI Peel™
Precision Peel
Acne Peel
Vitalize Peel®
Rejuvenate Peel

All of the peels listed above use a different variety and proprietary mix of acids to deeply exfoliate your skin. About 48 hours after the peel your skin will begin to shed. The peeling and shedding process can last up to one week. When your skin stops peeling you will see fewer wrinkles, lighter pigmentation, and a smoother, more even skin tone and texture.

Micropeel is a multi-step peel process consisting of dermaplaning and a low-dosage chemical peel.  This facial has no downtime and is a nice way to introduce yourself into chemical peels if you are new to this great treatment option.

Facials can be done to clean out pores, add hydration or just to maintain a youthful appearance to the skin. Most facials should be done once a month unless you are combining them with deeper treatments like chemical peels.

Hydrating Collagen Facial is a relaxing treatment that uses pure native collagen to plump and hydrate the skin leaving a soft and supple result. A mask is left on the skin for 30-45 minutes while you enjoy a hand and foot massage. This is not recommended for claustrophobic patients.

Deep Cleansing Facial will remove dead skin, pimples and blackheads from the skin. This is the perfect facial for someone who is having breakout or blackhead issues. After this facial you will leave feeling smoother, clean and refreshed.


Oxygen Facials

Reve Peels

Enlighten Peels

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