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Laser &
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Laser and Light Therapy

BBL or IPL light therapy is used for a variety of different skin conditions. It reduces redness, capillaries, sun spots, and acne through different filters of light. All of these filters of light can be used separately or combined for a personalized treatment depending on the patient’s needs and concerns.

Laser and Light Therapy Results
In Chicago and Oak Brook

Our aesthetician have performed tens of thousands of non-surgical treatments, including intense pulsed light therapy. Take a look at the results for yourself in our Before and After Gallery. You can even use our MyFavorites tool to create a collection of the results you’d like to achieve and the cases you wish to discuss during your complimentary consultation.

Before and after brown spot removal treatment in Oak Brook - Before and After

Laser-based brown spot removal Laser-based brown spot removal treatments work by targeting the excess pigment (melanin) in the skin responsible for...

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Laser: Patient 2 - Before and After

Laser photos courtesy of Brian V. Heil, MD.

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Laser: Patient 3 - Before and After

Laser photos courtesy of Brian V. Heil, MD.

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Laser: Patient 4 - Before and After

Laser photos courtesy of Brian V. Heil, MD.

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Laser: Patient 5 - Before and After

Laser photos courtesy of Jody Levine, MD.

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Laser: Patient 6 - Before and After

Laser photos courtesy of Teresa Mann, MD.

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Laser: Patient 8 - Before and After

Laser photos courtesy of Lori Haddad, DO.

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Laser: Patient 9 - Before and After

Laser photos courtesy of Cherie Fraser, MD.

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Forever Young BBL™ Light Facial is an exciting new treatment that was studied in the Dermatology Department at Stanford University, which now shows evidence on how regular light therapy treatments can functionally rejuvenate genes in aging skin cells. This BBL light therapy treatment stimulates changes at the molecular level deep inside your skin. The therapy changes the gene expression of older, damaged skin cells so they will resemble more closely the genes expressed in younger skin cells. The cells are reinvigorated, causing the skin to look much younger over time. There is visible improvement in skin firmness, elasticity and a reduction of pigmentation and redness. With regular BBL treatments the skin is clear, smooth and more youthful. We recommend having two to four treatments per year.

Photorejuvenation utilizes light therapy to minimize particular capillaries or red marks on the skin. This treatment also helps to reduce the overall red appearance or “flushing” of skin. Utilizing a separate filter this treatment can also be harnessed to remove large amounts of pigmentation such as sun spots, age spots or freckles. This treatment truly evens out your skin tone and provides your skin with a more youthful, luminous look.

Light-Based Hair Reduction has successfully been performed for years by technicians around the world.  This quick and easy process is highly effective at achieving hair reduction on any area of the face and/or body.

Acne Blue Light treatments uses multiple filters of light to reduce bacteria in the skin therefore lowering the amount of active acne seen on the face. Additionally, this treatment will also minimize the inflamed redness that acne can sometimes cause as well as the brown marks that pimples sometimes leave behind. This treatment is done in a series, and after a consultation, your technician will design a unique treatment plan to keep your acne in check!

Lasers are man-made devices with specific settings and levels to resurface skin or remove particular abnormalities in skin. Lasers can be used by both estheticians at low to medium levels and by doctors at very advanced, high levels for intense skin resurfacing. A consultation can determine which level of treatment would be correct given the condition of your skin and your particular concerns.

Micro Laser Peel is a minimally invasive laser peel that gently removes the outermost layer of skin to help treat fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, texture and color and restore a healthy looking, youthful glow to the skin. When combined with a Dermapen treatment it can also dramatically reduce the amount and depth of acne pit scarring.

Unwanted Skin Growths can be removed utilizing laser therapy that vaporizes tissue that protrudes beyond the skin’s natural barriers. Abnormalities like tissue growths, moles, nevus, sebaceous growths and milia can easily and quickly be removed with very little downtime.


“Thank you so much for the thoughtful care you gave our daughter. Your understanding and support of her goals allowed her to move smoothly through her surgery. Please know that we count you among those who have helped her along the way to her success.”
~ Patient Review

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