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“My experience was nothing short of amazing. The staff at the Hinsdale location treated me with respect and cared about making sure all of my questions and concerns were answered.

“Dr. Geldner is very straightforward and patient-focused. He and his staff gave me a second chance at confidence that I never thought I’d get back.”

“If you are trying to decide if The Geldner Center will meet the standard of care you’re searching for, look no further. You’ll be in wonderful hands.”

“Dr. Geldner, thank you for bringing me relief and comfort. You may never know how grateful I am for your work.”

“Dear Dr. Geldner, You thoroughly addressed my concerns. You are the surgeon and artist whom I trust to enhance my physical appearance. Thank you!”

“Dear Dr. Geldner, Thank you so much for the thoughtful care you gave our daughter. Your understanding and support of her goals allowed her to move smoothly through her surgery.”

“Hey Dr. G! Today was one of my first days out in a semi-tight sweater. I looked and felt absolutely fantastic and sexy. Thanks for a marvelous job.”

“Dear Dr. Peter, How can I thank you for understanding what I needed and for being willing to do it for me? A thank you will never be enough.”

“Dear Dr. G, I just wanted to send a small thanks to let you know how much you have helped me. Your care and skill is remarkable. You made a huge difference in my life.

“Dear Dr. Geldner, Doctors like you are few and far between. I will be forever grateful for what you did for me.”

“Dear Dr. Peter, You are the best. Thank you for making me feel beautiful!!! You are caring and compassionate, and I am truly grateful to you.”

“Dear Dr. Geldner, I am so happy that I decided to have you do my facelift. I can leave the house any day for any reason feeling confident. Thank you so much.”

“Dr. Geldner, I just want you to know how much your love, passion and expertise in this field are appreciated. You are an amazingly qualified surgeon who knows how to work magic.”

“Dear Dr. Geldner, You are an absolutely amazing surgeon!! To meld science and artistry is a real skill to admire. Impressed and with many thanks.”

“Dr. Geldner, you are not only an artist and doctor, you are a humanitarian. I never thought I would look normal again. I cannot believe how beautiful the results are. Thank you for your patience, your perfectionism and most of all for caring.”

“Dr. G, you are simply the ‘Best of the Best’. You are not only an artist, but an amazing person as well.”

“Dear Dr. G, You truly care about people and giving them the best possible result. This is why I think so highly of you and didn’t mind waiting to get on your surgery schedule. You are well worth the wait!”

“Dear Dr. Geldner, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful you and your staff have been from the first time I visited your office. I am an ardent admirer and will tell everyone about you and your gracious staff.

“Dr. Geldner, You are a gifted surgeon and a very kind man. Thank you for all you did for me. I feel like a new and improved me!”

“Dear Dr. G, I am just writing to say, once again, that I am so glad you are my surgeon. I love your saying…look better, feel better, live better…it’s true and I DO!! Thank you.”

“I bought Groupons for 6 laser hair removal treatments at 3 different locations, including The Geldner Center. I was not committed to any of the 3 businesses. Now there’s nowhere else I will go.”

“I can only think of three words to best describe Dr. Geldner, ethical, honest, and kind. After speaking with Dr. Geldner, he told me that there was nothing aesthetically displeasing about my face. In truth, not seeing what I already had was exactly what I needed.

“I was caught up in ways to improve myself to something “ideal.” A huge thanks to Dr. Geldner for helping point out that all I needed was a little more self-esteem. I just wanted better. And really, I’m not sure if better is always better.”

“I highly recommend Dr. Geldner if you want an honest and thorough opinion about plastic surgery. Dr. Geldner asks the important questions.”

“I just went here for Botox. I love the results. I’m 30, so people don’t imagine I’ve had Botox done which is exactly what I want—freeze the wrinkles, but make it look natural. I will keep coming back as soon as it wears off!”

“I recently had my eyebrows and eyeliner permanently tattooed. Excellent results! People cannot believe it is a tattoo—it looks natural.”

“I had been talking about having breast reduction surgery for years (I used to be a 32DDD). I found everything that I was looking for in Dr. Geldner. He has a great sense of humor and was so comforting during the process. My results are great and I am so happy I chose him as my surgeon.”

“Dr. Geldner and his team are the best! I’ve been getting Botox and fillers. Love the results! Always a great experience! Dr. Geldner is THE expert!

“I had a face, neck and brow lift. I was looking tired and feeling old. I am delighted with my result. I look exactly like myself, but YEARS younger. Thanks Dr. G and staff, you have made me not a new me…but the old me from years gone by.”

Love my kids but couldn’t wait for a Mommy Makeover! I have had 4 children and just wanted my body back. When my husband and I met Dr. Geldner, we were convinced that he was the right choice. Boy, was he ever…I have my shape back and am so proud of how I look again. Dr. Geldner, Nurse Lynn and staff…thank you for everything.”

I don’t have a boy butt anymore and it’s awesome. I have hated the way I look in jeans for as long as I can remember. Dr. Geldner was fantastic. He gave me the low-down on all of the information I needed to make a decision, and I decided to have him do a Brazilian Butt Lift with my own fat. I love Dr. G—and I now love how I look in my jeans and bathing suit.”

“I had to buy a dress for an important function and went shopping. None of the dresses I liked looked good on me being a 32A cup. That was it—I decided that I wanted a breast augmentation. I saw a bunch of plastic surgeons and they all were nice, but then I went to see Dr. Geldner. He took a great deal of time with me explaining the different types of implants and incisions. He told me this was a big decision and that I should take my time making it and that he would be available should I proceed with the surgery. All the information I wanted, all the time I needed and no pressure. I had Dr. Geldner do my breast aug and I am delighted.”

“I got a dermapen treatment a few days ago from The Geldner Center and my skin feels and looks amazing now!”