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Aesthetics & Wellness at The Geldner Center

IV Infusion Therapy is now available at The Geldner Center in our Oak Brook and Chicago locations. With IV Infusion Therapy, vitamins and nutrients are delivered directly through the veins, allowing for quick absorption through the bloodstream. Even Dr. Geldner receives routine IV infusions to improve energy, mental and physical performance, and to reduce stress.

BENEFITS of IV Infusion Therapy

The right balance of vitamins and minerals in the body is crucial for your overall wellness. At the Geldner Center, we value each patients’ health and well being first and foremost. Our IV Infusion Therapy treatments will hydrate your body, replenish vitamins and minerals, and leave you feeling your best. Give us a call to see how IV Infusion Therapy can help today.



At The Geldner Center, we offer a variety of infusions based on your personal goals. Purchase your IV Infusion Therapy session and add-ons on OUR SHOP.

Trying to avoid cold- and flu-like symptoms? Supercharge your immune defenses with our LIQUID GOLD IV. Help remove excess toxins while naturally optimizing your immune cells.

Designed specifically for our pre- and post-operative patients, MASTER G is geared towards speeding up the recovery process, promoting collagen production and decreasing inflammation. IV hydration can also help decrease bruising, pain, scarring, and infection. It will also improve wound healing and recovery time, mainly for patients selecting to have elective cosmetic surgery. Replacing nutrients before and after surgery can have a significant effect on end results.

The Wolf of Lake Shore Drive is the ultimate IV! Level up your mental and physical performance with an exclusive blend of vitamins and minerals. This IV is a fantastic way to increase focus, reduce stress and boost energy for patients who work hard and play harder.

Flush out toxins, cleanse your body, and restore nutrients with our HANGOVER RECOVERY IV. This infusion will help resolve nausea, vomiting, headache, and dehydration. The ideal infusion for quick recovery and relief from your symptoms.

Glow from the inside-out. Our BEAUTY IN A BAG IV helps detoxify your entire body and assists in anti-aging. Make your hair, nails and skin shine youthfully.

Anyone who suffers from decreased energy, feels fatigued, or feels like their mind is foggy is a great candidate for NicotinamideAdenine Dinucleotide (NAD) IV treatment. Also, individuals who are struggling with the side effects of aging or who suffer from age related illnesses or chronic conditions are also exceptional candidates. NAD infusions are also beneficial for healthy individuals who need a boost.


Sessions can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes.

Most patients feel better immediately after treatment. Patient results may vary, however IV Infusion Therapy provides wellness advantages no matter what.

All IV Infusion Therapy treatments are administered by one of our registered nurses.

Our IV Infusion Therapy treatments start at $220 and our Infusion add-ons start at only $20. Visit our shop to purchase your session now.

Request a consultation at The Geldner Center in Oak Brook or Chicago today. Sessions are also available for purchase on our online store.