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Male facelifts and neck lifts are both different and similar to female facelifts and neck lifts. Both types of lifts strive to erase the signs of aging and restore the face to how it used to look. We try to make the individual look younger and at the same time, make them look better. Where male facelifts differ is that we try to soften the lift and create an ageless quality to the face. We don’t want the man to look “done”. At the same time, we don’t want to feminize the face, unless the patient wants that look.

The facelift consultation begins with a description of the problems the patient perceives to explain what bothers them. Why are they there? We examine the patient’s face from the top of the head to the neck. Each area is evaluated to see what can or should be improved, and then we determine how best to achieve all of the patient’s goals. What might not be obvious to the patient might be quite clear to the skilled and experienced plastic surgeon.  Some anatomic areas can be improved individually, most however need a broadened improvement. Cheek lifts sound like a good idea, but if we improve the lower eyelid and the jowls, the overall look can be much better.

Male Facelift Results
In Chicago and Hinsdale

Dr. Geldner has performed tens of thousands of plastic surgery procedures, including facelifts for men. Take a look at the results for yourself in our Before and After Gallery. You can even use our MyFavorites tool to create a collection of the results you’d like to achieve and the cases you wish to discuss during your complimentary consultation.

The details of the procedure depend on the patient’s anatomy. Typically, we leave the brows alone. We avoid an overly peaked eyebrow. The lids are improved, but the goal is to under correct the imperfections. Most women try to perfect the lid/cheek junction; most men allow a little step off. The cheeks are treated just as with women. We tighten and elevate the cheek to a more youthful location and we secure it in place. The jowls are likewise treated just as with women. Most of the jowl looseness is due to laxity of the underlying tissue. By tightening it, we reduce or eliminate the jowl. The neck is different with men. Many women can benefit from neck tightening of the platysma muscle. Few require the elimination of deeper fat to improve their look. Most men have a central fat pocket just behind the chin that originates deep to the platysma. Unless this fat pocket is reduced, the neck will not be improved. Relapses of neck-lifts are common in these situations.


“Dr. G, you are simply the ‘Best of the Best’. You are not only an artist, but an amazing person as well.”
~ Patient Review

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