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Male Tummy Tuck

In some instances, body contouring through liposuction may not be sufficient for men to achieve the goals they want, so male tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, may be needed to obtain an optimal result. If a patient needs an abdominoplasty but only liposuction is performed, it may result in a very irregular and potentially unfixable abdomen.

Male Tummy Tuck Results
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Dr. Geldner has performed tens of thousands of plastic surgery procedures, including tummy tucks for men. Take a look at the results for yourself in our Before and After Gallery. You can even use our MyFavorites tool to create a collection of the results you’d like to achieve and the cases you wish to discuss during your complimentary consultation.

Abdominoplasty-for-men: Patient 1 - Before and After

This gentleman lost weight on his own but couldn't lose all of the extra bulk to his satisfaction. He had loose skin on the lower abdomen. Employing...

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Abdominoplasty-for-men: Patient 2 - Before and After

This gentleman has a history of losing weight on his own. He couldn't, however, tighten the skin of his abdomen. He had some additional fat which was...

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Abdominoplasty-for-men: Patient 3 - Before and After

This gentleman came to me after having an abdominoplasty by another surgeon. He experienced some weight fluctuation, but the scar caused tethering of...

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The distinction between full and mini-abdominoplasty is how the umbilicus (belly button) is treated. Removing only lower abdominal skin is a mini-abdominoplasty. This is a good option if only the lower abdomen has loose skin. If the upper abdomen is loose too, a full abdominoplasty is the best option.

Though, unlike women, men seldom need an abdominal wall plication (tightening), there are other technical differences between male and female body contouring. The scars are placed at slightly different areas because of underlying anatomy. Most men want a strong result; most women don’t want to look as extreme. Men can camouflage their scars with hair. Male undergarments are different from female lingerie. All of these specifics need to be considered when performing male body contouring surgery.

All procedures have risks. Male abdominoplasty has been implicated with the risk of blood clots developing in the leg veins and traveling to the heart. The best means of treating this problem is prevention. We use devices to limit the chance of such serious complications. Anesthesiologist involvement is very important to maintain the highest level of safety. Every patient needs to make sure that they can tolerate the physical stress of surgery and also the practical needs of recovery such as time off. Planning is everything.

With Dr. Geldner’s superior skill, 25 years of experience, and his experienced and compassionate staff, we exceed our patients’ expectations.


“Thank you so much for the thoughtful care you gave our daughter. Your understanding and support of her goals allowed her to move smoothly through her surgery. Please know that we count you among those who have helped her along the way to her success.”
~ Patient Review

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