High-Definition/4D Liposculpture and Ab Etching

Imagine that you can take a chubby abdomen and with a little work, create the appearance of a six-pack. That’s the principal of ab etching. Once we realize the definition of the underlying muscle, fat is removed with specialized techniques to make the fat look like the bulges of the underlying muscles.

Chicago Ab EtchingThe process begins by understanding what lies below the skin. Muscles have a defined shape and their locations are predictable. We can feel these muscles when we flex them, even if you can’t see them. Muscle bulges or bellies are separated from each by fascia (sinew and gristle). This fascia covers the muscles and it is what holds the muscle next to each other. We remove the fat covering the fascia between the muscle bulge and that simulates the appearance of big muscles. The liposuction areas are the valleys to the muscle hills and mountains.

Muscle definition and curves create a sexy image, but nothing is worse than bizarre anatomy. The interposition of creases outside of a normal pattern simply looks strange. With the principles of Hi-Definition Liposculpture, we take normal anatomy and amplify the shape. It’s not about getting rid of some fullness; it’s about creating a new shape.

So, it’s not what you take out; it’s what you leave behind. Hi-Definition Liposculpture is not for everyone. It works poorly on obese patients. It does beautifully on healthy patients, at or near their ideal body weight, who want definition and want to take the art of liposuction to its highest level. Risks and potential complications depend on the details of your medical condition and have to be assessed individually. With Dr. Geldner’s superior surgical skill, over 25 years of experience, his highly skilled and compassionate staff, we exceed our patients’ expectations.

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