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Botox® Cosmetic
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Botox treatments are quick and convenient in our downtown Chicago practice along Lake Shore Drive, and at our second office in Oak Brook. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Geldner, and our nurse injectors, Allie and Beth, are well known for their beautiful results and excellent care. In fact, the Geldner Center is one of Allergan Aesthetic’s top 500 providers of Allergan products and treatments, including Botox Cosmetic. Chicago trusts The Geldner Center for Botox treatments.

As one of Allergan Aesthetic’s top 500 providers of Allergan products and treatments, The Geldner Center only provides the best care for their patients. Beth has over 29 years of nursing experience and has specialized in aesthetics for the past 12 years. With her advanced training and certification in Botox, Beth strives to deliver natural results to enhance your self-confidence and restore a more youthful look.

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I would never let anyone touch my face but The Geldner Center. I hesitated for the longest time out of fear how my face is going to look like, and the nurse injector patiently waited. She listens, gives professional opinion and delivers my vision. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable, your knowledge and detailed work created exactly what I was looking for.”
~ Patient Review

The development of injectable Botox, a neurotoxin, treatments in esthetic care is revolutionary. Before the introduction of neurotoxins like Botox, plastic surgeons had little to offer patients with dynamic creases. We tried lasers, dermabrasion, fillers, surgical excisions, and with the exception of permanent nerve resections, nothing worked well. One very bright doctor noticed that when BOTOX injections were used in the treatment of muscle spasm, the patient’s wrinkles went away. There was no looking back. The dawn of neurotoxins had begun.

Neurotoxins are molecules that interfere with the transmission of signals from nerve to muscle. When the signal is lost, the muscle stops working. In some cases, that’s not a good idea. When neurotoxins are introduced in careful amounts in very specific locations, the cosmetic effect can be profound with no negative effect on the body.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration, an agency of the U.S. federal government) has approved the use of these chemicals for the temporary treatment of wrinkles between the eyes, and for crow’s feet around the eyes. There are many other locations where they are used, but those are “off label”.

When these medicines were first introduced, the goal seemed to be to erase expression. Everyone wanted a glass forehead with no lines, ever. That look is considered out of fashion. We now strive to contour the native anatomy to create a more pleasing shape and highlight the patient’s positive traits.

Currently, there are three forms of neurotoxins; more are coming. The future of neurotoxins will only increase with the creative interplay of injectable and surgical procedures.


“Nurse Allie is an incredibly talented injector. I’m very happy with the job she did on my Botox injections. I have been a patient of The Geldner Center for years and recommend their services to everyone. You are in good hands with their staff.”
~ Patient Review

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