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Complex Breast Augmentation: Patient 3

Complex Breast Augmentation: Patient 3

Complex Breast Augmentation: Patient 3

This patient wanted to remove her breast implants and improve the appearance of her breasts. Her first implants were removed by another surgeon and found to be broken. It was uncertain how much of a capsulectomy was performed. The placement was subglandular. The details of this operation were uncertain. Dr. Geldner agreed that implant removal and capsulectomy was warranted, but suggested a fat transfer to improve the volume of her breasts as well as their shape. 150 cc implants were removed as well as all of the capsule. We reshaped the breast with an anchor lift and added volume with roughly 300 cc of fat obtained from her abdomen and flanks. She was very pleased with her new look.

  • Post-op Timeline: 3 months
  • Technique: Removal of gel breast implants, capsulectomy, anchor mastopexy, fat transfer
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