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Importance of Advanced Skin Care Treatments 

Facials are great for relaxation, but when it comes to aging gracefully, non-invasive treatments are a must for woman over the age of 30.

“The body produces three types of collagen, once you turn 30 one of the types collagen completely stops producing and the other two produce much less rapidly.” Regular visits to your medical aesthetician should include a regimen that involves CIT (Collagen Inducing Therapy) as well as advanced exfoliation (chemical peels and laser resurfacing). Photofacials are also a treatment that should be done at least twice a year remove unwanted sun-spots and vessels but, also this treatment rejuvenates the cells. “The Stanford study consisted of a group of people getting photofacials twice a year over the course of 10 years. When comparing the skin of the same person after the completed 10 years of treatment their cells either did not age or reduced in aging.”

Skin is the largest organ of the body and usually one that gets less attention. The skin you are born with is your skin for life. If you are not already following these tips, then I suggest you start now. It is never to late to start preventative measures to stay youthful longer.

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