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Kick Acne To The Curb With These Breakout Banishing Tips

Less than a year ago I was suffering from breakouts and no matter what I did they would not go away. I have always had perfectly clear skin, but I found through my research that adult acne is actually quite common and there are things you can do to help though. Along with a series of VI peels, to help address the bacteria and the dead skin cells that could have been clogging the pores, below are some more helpful hints to rid blemishes.

Clean your phone with an alcohol based sanitizer nightly – we don’t realize how many germs we get on our phones daily. It does not help that this is pressed up on our cheek half the day. Cleaning your phone regularly will help stop the spread of bacteria.

Change your pillow cases frequently. And by frequently, I mean at least a few times a week. If you keep sleeping on the same side of the same pillowcase you are sleeping on top of dirt that has accumulated from the night before. When you have breakouts it is very easy for the acne to spread.

Stop using beaded exfoliators and switch to chemical exfoliators with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is an active skincare ingredient that helps kill bacteria from the outside and the inside. When you are using micro scrubbers you are not only spreading the bacteria around but actually aggravating it causing even more inflammation and redness.

Get seasonal chemical peels. Other than being cruelty-free, I love VI peels for my patients because it does a great job of shedding dead skin cells that clog our pores. It also helps with blemish scarring. Getting monthly facials is very important because if you do not clean out your pores regularly build up will stay lodged and lead to enlarge pores, fine lines, wrinkles and breakouts.

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