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Say goodbye to saggy skin with Ultherapy

As we get older laxity in the skin is inevitable, and being in this industry you gather that most people would rather not wear their age on their face. With all the technological advances that are taking place going under the knife is not the only option for nips and tucks. Enter Ultherapy, the first FDA approved device for lifting on the face, neck and chest.

How it Works:
You are probably thinking, does this actually work?  If you can understand the science behind it then you will know that the answer is yes! After the age of 30 some of our collagen growth comes to a screeching halt, that can leave you with skin that is a little looser than your liking. Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology and heat to bypass the epidermal (top layer) of the skin and penetrate all the way down to the SMAS (where a doctor would go for a facelift.) The transducer addresses 3 different depth levels, creating tiny precise wounds that help your skin produce collagen for up to one year. After the collagen is created your body breaks it down naturally, just like it would with your own home-grown collagen.

The beauty of this treatment is how minimal the downtime can be. Minority of patients leave slightly swollen or with one or two possible thumbprint sized bruises, but typically it is more of an internal bruising feeling. Over the next 3-6 months’ patients can feel their skin tighten and can see the area that was treated smooth out and lift.

How Often:
The treatment can be done annually, but should be done at least every 2-3 years for continued collagen growth.

Ultherapy is not the same as a facelift and your provider should manage your expectations to make sure you understand how much lifting and toning you can expect to see. It does however make a vast difference in reducing the laxity that gravity causes over time, and can prevent further laxity from occurring.

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