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Teach An Old Face New Tricks With A Photofacial

As we age we all start to notice imperfections (especially on the face) that were not there before, it is no secret that checking out our reflection is a daily ritual for most. One common unwanted find I see from men and women are broken capillaries, especially around the nose area. Broken vessels happen when too many nutrients are trying to pass thru the capillary at once. Causing the walls to expand and eventually break, becoming that little unwanted red mark. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the amount of nutrients we take in, but is actually hereditary and caused by environmental damage. Photofacials, performed by a licensed aesthetician with a Broad Band Light (BBL) or an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), constrict the hemoglobin (blood) leading the capillary to potentially disappear. Typically it is not a one-time fix and unfortunately we have no way of telling how long results last, but for some it is life-changing.

Photofacials can be done as a spot treatment for broken capillaries with little or no down time. Typically the vessels will disappear immediately or turn purple then fade. A full photofacial can be done on most skin for cell rejuvenation and especially on hyper-pigmented skin to lighten epidermal sun damage. The spots that darken after being pulsed with the light are epidermal damage and will assume a coffee ground like appearance. They naturally slough off within 7-10 days and you are left with either clear skin or a much lighter spot. Maintenance like wearing sunscreen and avoiding sunlight assists in longer lasting results.

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