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Chicago’s Top Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

How long does tummy tuck recovery take is one of the most popular questions asked by patients anxious to get their bodies back. Consult with Dr. Geldner in Chicago to obtain the best answer for you – everyone of us is unique and only a plastic surgeon can give you answer that pertains to you. Having stated that, here is the generic, TL;DR version because we are all busy and just want a general guide:

• 1 week of pain management medication
• 1 – 2 weeks till standing straight
• 2 weeks until driving
• 4 weeks before light exercise
• 8 weeks is about when most people resume all activities
• 12 – 18 months for scars to fade

The tummy tuck recovery timeline will vary for everyone – it’s a general guide. Bruising may rapidly fade, but may also persist for weeks. And swelling may remain for months.

Top Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Dr. Geldner’s abdominoplasty patients receive the full support of our team along with tailored, detailed care instructions. But for everyone in Chicago and Oak Brook not currently enjoying the Geldner Center treatment, we have compiled a list of the tummy tuck recovery tips.

Dress for Success!

Buy loose-fitting garb for your tummy tuck recovery. Eventually you’ll be wearing your dream pair of jeans and crop top, but after you procedure you’ll want loose everything, even underwear. Not only will this feel better, you may have surgical drains and a compression garment to contend with when getting in and out of clothes.

The compression garment or binder helps minimize swelling and lessens the chances of fluid build up. “Isn’t this opposite of loose-fitting,” you may ask, but a compression garment creates uniform tension over a large area where normal clothing may pinch uncomfortably and acutely. Compression garments also provide support to the muscle wall and promotes healing. Purchase more than one – you’ll feel fresher and do less washing.

Take your meds!

Take all medication as prescribed. Do not stop taking antibiotics early. And if you are experiencing pain, take your prescribed pain management medication. If you wait until pain is unbearable, then you are not managing.

Start moving!

You may not be able stand completely straight for a week, but don’t let that stop you from moving around. Walk a little bit everyday and get that blood flowing. This helps reduce the risk for clots and reduce swelling.

Drink water, stay regular

You have to stay hydrated. As an added bonus, drinking water will help keep you regular (pain medication can cause constipation). A high fiber diet after you’ve completed your medications may help your digestion return to normal operation.

Stay in touch!

At the Geldner Center, we are here to support our patients. We’re going to keep in touch with you, including follow up calls and regular check-ins, but we strongly encourage our patients to err on the side of caution and contact us when you have a doubt.

Accelerate Your Recovery with SINECCH Surgical Recovery Tablets

Looking to enhance your recovery after surgery? Consider SINECCH Surgical Recovery tablets. Formulated with Arnica montana and Bromelain, these tablets may help reduce swelling and bruising, getting you back to feeling your best faster. Remember to consult with your healthcare provider before adding any new supplements to your post-operative routine.

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