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Marilyn: Princess of Plastics

Recognized by Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine as “The Princess of Plastics,” Marilyn has been a Patient Care Coordinator for over 23 years. Some would also call her a pioneer in the plastic surgery industry due to her experience.

Originally having a background in counseling, she knows how to be supportive and sympathetic towards patients. While the doctor provides the patient with medical and technical advice, Marilyn is there to make sure the patient is comfortable and to be a true support system. She is there for the patient every step of the way, making recommendations and offering her advice. She even allows patients to call her when they get cold feet before a procedure.

The Geldner Center is delighted to have Marilyn serve as Patient Coordinator, as she continues to enhance the patients’ experience every day. The Princess of Plastics’ favorite quote is “Beauty never fades”.

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