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Dr. Geldner on TV discussing Emface

Emface: The future of non-surgical facelifts

Dr. Peter Gelnder was recently featured on WGN Daytime Chicago to discuss Emface, the newest technology for a non-invasive and painless alternative to a facelift. As one of Chicago’s best plastic surgeons with over 20 years of innovative experience in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Geldner is who the media turns to when they want to talk to an expert.

Dr. Geldner discusses Emface

Emface is probably one of the most amazing devices that has come out recently. It is the only non-invasive device which smooths out irregularities, smooths out wrinkles and elevates the structures of the face. Interestingly enough, it’s exactly what we try to do with a facelift.”

What does Emface feel like?

“The feeling is very much like a facial massage… At no point does it ever hurt.”

Does The Geldner Center offer anything like this for the body?

“We also have Emsculpt Neo, Emsculpt, and EmTone. What this does is utilize similar types of technology, a combination of radio frequency to tighten the collagen and create more collagen and tighten some of the skin while at the same time utilizing electric stimulation to maximize the stimulation of the muscles… what you can see is substantially more definition.”

Watch Dr. Geldners full segment here.

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